pack, pack, pack!

    i've started going through everything i own to get rid of a ton of stuff and pack up what i'm keeping. this is always the part of moving full of conflicting emotions for me. on the one hand it feels so good to simplify life and feel like i'm not really tied to any thing. on the other hand i have all these persuasive thoughts like "but i might need that someday..." or "this reminds me of the time..." neither particularly good reasons to keep things that are taking up space. it amazes me how much stuff i have when i moved here 5 years ago with only 2 boxes of belongings. how did that happen?!

    but i have been making some good progress. and by progress i mean i'm making my house a complete disaster.

    chloe cat, however, is having the BEST time ever with the packing, what with all the empty boxes to hide in and the pile of giveaway clothes to burrow in.
    can you spot the kitty?

    in other packing news, i've discovered the ramones make awesome packing music... just fyi. :)

    happy tuesday!

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pack, pack, pack!

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