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  • mchundi
    01-01 02:30 PM

    These are very tough and partisian bills (immigration bills). This also being an election year, some lawmakers will try to puch their own agenda. Don't expect a featherbed solution. This will be a dogfight.
    This time atleast there will be some democrats to vote for our bill, unless the anti guys find some way of preventing them from participating in it.

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  • bfadlia
    03-25 04:14 PM
    All these requirements are Position Specific. Before publishing externally, most companies (HR) decides the policy first for an example to which kind of person they will hire for this position like " We will not consider H1 for this position" seeing the "Critical and essential need of "blah " blah"..." And they then follow it. So it may happen that one person gets an answer " We do not consider EAD holder for this position.." and next month you may meet somebody (EAD Holder) working for that company on EAD but for different position as company made apolicy to hire EAD holder for that particular kind of position.

    makes sense, parallel to saying x job only available for phd holders, y job for masters
    but that's legal because a job can benefit from the skills of a phd holder, while in our case of EAD vs GC or Citizenship the employer gets no benefit, it's just his arbitrary will, that what made it illeagal

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  • akela_topchi
    08-07 11:01 AM
    Height of selfishness....

    It is amazing that how these people are ready to spend tons of money and time for such selfish causes.

    If this kind of enthusiasm is displayed on IV action items and contributions then there would be better chances of achieving the goals of this community.

    People who created this forum, which is helping this community so much, have been working for years.. selflessly.. spending time and money and effort many times spending their own money for the causes of this community.. people like Aman, Pappu, Pascal, logiclife et al... There are lots of people in this community who thought about the community first.

    If they were like you.. then things would have been worse.

    But, if you are so hell bent on putting your GC first, irrespective of the damage to the cause of the community, if you are so mad about yourself.. why do you care about polling.. Go alone.. just focus on "you and your GC" .. achieve something alone.. You can then keep all the benefits to yourself.. all yours..Go ahead!

    Just like your campaign, the fundamentals on which you run it, cannot be trusted.. because if it suits you, you'll sell you supporter's interests for your own GC.

    That's why you get support from very few....

    This forum was created on better fundamentals.. Here community comes first.
    That is why IV and those who created this forum have support of thousands!

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  • poddar007
    01-16 05:15 PM
    Can some one please clarify what this case number is. Do we get the case number when we apply for visa, or this is just the approval notice number.

    I am going for my interview on 23rd January to Mumbai. I was just trying to find out whether I can call KCC before leaving US to find out if my approval notice is in the PIMS system or not.


    I'd posted a note earlier. I haven't received any updates yet. I am in contact with 4 other people who interviewed on 4th Jan and are still awaiting a reply. The kentucky number mentioned in one of the replys confirms the date on which our H1 was approved. When you call up the number, on mentioning your case #, it pulls up the date on which H1b was approved.

    Could anyone who's received a email/ call please post a message to the group, indicating the wait time and date of the first interview?



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  • GotGC??
    05-17 11:25 AM
    Everything coming out of USCIS is a "I-797 Notice of Approval" :) and AP is no exception.

    I am far from getting one myself but have seen colleague's approvals - this is printed on the same form like the H1 approval. Whether you subsequently need a stamp on the passport I don't know.

    Hey Guys,
    Can you please tell me in what form you get your advance parole (AP)? Is it like a Visa stamp on your passport or is it a temperory card like the EAD?

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  • eb3_nepa
    02-20 02:00 PM
    WaldenPond pls check ur Private Messages and respond ASAP



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  • buaya00
    09-11 04:51 PM
    Looks like the HR has adjourned till Sep 22 without HR5882 being discussed. Are they putting it off for later this year or next?

    Just noticed they updated the next session date to 15 sep and not 22 Sep.

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  • ingenix
    09-09 12:01 PM
    Called up all the above


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  • rajuram
    01-07 09:24 PM

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  • jthomas
    05-09 08:33 PM
    If you are offended, I don't give a DAMN!! I know about India very well and has been to India many a times. I know very well about the indian corruption which has no comparison with any country in the developed world. All you have to look at is the suveys from various NGOs that track corruptiy on at various countries in the world and you can see where India ranks relative to US or UK

    Hunter, Mind your own business. What is your point.
    1. We all agree there are loopholes in each and every system. Are you trying to fill 1% by punishing 99% of the people. If you want to fix loopholes this is not the right place to be. Go to the court and fight with the adminstration. Why the hell you are wasting your time.
    2. Considering you are a anti-immigrant, and you want to fix the system. Are you targeting Employment based immigrants or family based immigrants. Employement based immigrants are just 17% of the total immigrants whereas family based immigrants are more than 50+ %. better target them. Don't waste your time since you won't get anything as everybody over here are working and US employers want them.
    3. If you are unemployed, please spend your time in findiing a job. The minimum salary in US is around 8 dollars a hour so you have wasted your entire day. close to 100 dollars. You have not earned a thing by writing your thoughts in this forum.
    4. Senator Grassley and Durbin are working on your side and they also like you don't want a google, yahoo, ebay and other firms to suceed iin US. Be prepare to immigrate to some other country in future.

    I hope you get back to your work and THANKS FOR YOUR COMMENTS. ENOUGH.

    J Thomas


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  • nish
    06-12 05:27 PM

    I am currently working in Skilled visa through one of MNC company.I am working for this company for last 4 years and prior to this company i worked in another small company for two years.When I join my current company i provided all the legal document like exp,last two month pay stub and releiving letter and they did BG . They did not find anything wrong with prior employer in last 4 year. recently they found something wrong about my prior employer and asking me providing additional document and unfortunately company is closed or rename. I have told my current employer that i don't have any more evidance of my prior employer.Because of this reason they are asking me to come back india.

    Is there any way that i can take legal action against this company in US because from last one week
    they are harrassing my like anything.

    Please let me know if anyone come across in this situation.

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  • drona
    07-10 11:52 PM
    Murthy Law Firm reports the Flower Campaign on their website:


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  • indigo10
    03-30 06:37 PM
    Hopefully this is not a April fool joke!!!.

    Hope all the dreams come true with flying colors, like India winning the cricket match againt pakistan today, what a great match it was..

    If its an April fool Joke we should know on Apr 1st
    Otherwise we will know in 2nd week.

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  • immi2006
    07-09 10:11 PM
    This they cannot send there.... they have to take this :D


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  • gcisadawg
    08-20 01:07 PM
    DOS has alloted most unused visa # into EB2 category this year, and EB3 was stuck due to no additional unused EB1 visas.

    Visa Bulletin mentioned they did this in according to the requirements of Section 202(a)(5) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. But actually this might be a misunderstanding of Section 202(a)(5) and Section 203(b) - There is NO words in the act on how to allot unused visa # to differnt categories. Even the country limit and category limit would not apply if there are unused visas #. The allotment Mr. Charles Oppenheimer did horizontal spillover caused longer and more backlogs of EB3.

    Congress has a concern on the backlogs and Bush's administration promised to reduce backlogs as much as they can. If Immigration and Nationality Act allows the government to spillover the unused visa # to EB2 & EB3, and a more humane and fair system should take care of early priority date first and do whatever the government has promised, should we ask Mr. Charles Oppenheimer to think about alloting some unused visas to EB3 so it can move forword a little bit?

    That is not true...If you look at the Visa Bullettin, it says

    First: Priority Workers: 28.6% of the worldwide employment-based preference level, plus any numbers not required for fourth and fifth preferences.

    Second: Members of the Professions Holding Advanced Degrees or Persons of Exceptional Ability: 28.6% of the worldwide employment-based preference level, plus any umbers not required by first preference.

    Third: Skilled Workers, Professionals, and Other Workers: 28.6% of the worldwide level, plus any numbers not required by first and second preferences, not more than 10,000 of which to "Other Workers".

    Based on the above EB1 spills over to EB2 first.....Eb3 gets unused EB2.
    EB3 gets EB1 only if it is not used by EB1.

    I'm EB3-I with Oct 2003 PD and I understand your frustration. There is hope only if a legislation change happens. Based on my calculation, there are about 50K to 60K EB3-I pending before me.


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  • ns521
    01-26 02:50 AM
    Well even if you use AP, you need a passport, dont you? And the passport must be with the Consulate pending stamping. So one way to get the passport back is to withdraw the visa application.

    A question though: is'nt it abandoning your H1B1 visa tenure if you enter on AP even with a valid H1B remaining?

    I don't know if procedures are different in the consulates..In my country you apply for H1B visa ,they interview you and tell you that you will be granted a visa so we will call you when stamp is take your paaport and yoiu go home and whenever they call you for stamping you bring your passport and stamp it the same day...Are procedures different these days?


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  • BharatPremi
    03-24 03:34 PM

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  • drahuls
    01-15 12:48 AM
    I also had my H1B visa interview on 4th Jan at Mumbai, but as of now i have not received any email about the process completion. Has anyone received email ?. Please inform.

    Thank you.

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  • dhirajs98
    06-21 08:42 AM
    I have two labors

    PERM EB2

    Labor: Certified
    PD: Dec 06
    I-140: Filed in Premium Processing on May last week
    RFE Received: June 1st
    RFE Response Sent: June 6th
    Status: No updates from USCIS

    I-485: I can file based on the pending I-140

    RIR EB3
    PD: Jan 2004
    Labor: Noy yet Certified. Based on my case analyst at DBEC it should be certified by June 30th.



    1. If I file I-485 with EB2 labor. Can I use EB3 PD later for getting GC faster?

    2. Does PD matters once I-485 is filed?

    3. If I file I-485 with EB2 and then due to some reason my I-140 gets rejected what options I have?

    10-09 02:02 PM
    I agree with what you are saying. But, we need to compare the taxes too. Not sure of the taxes charged by vonage when compared with teleblend.

    even if the taxes are slightly more, vonage gives you 2 months free (save $50) and ships you adapter free, no shipping and activation with a referral. Your referrer gets 2 months free too. If you put this in to mathematics, vonage may come out cheaper than teleblend. Additonally its much more established and bigger VOIP provider.

    However teleblend now offers unlimited US, Canada etc only for $99 for 1 year. This is unbeatable as it comes out roughly $8 per month. Good option to consider for those who do not need unlimited india plan.

    08-17 02:18 PM
    Due to the pending caseload at NSC, the processing time of your I485 application has been extended. Allow extra time for an officer to review your application. Furthermore if all intial evidence was not included with your application or a question arose during adjudication that required a RFE additional time would be needed.
    Your application remains awaiting review by an Officer and you will be notified as soon as decision is made. The service is waiting for VISA availability

    got this message for my wifes SR opened on 07/30, did anyone got the same response?

    I got the same reply to my SR.

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