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  • greencard_fever
    10-06 04:34 PM
    Great to hear your wife's approval and hope she is doing fine now, after the emergency.
    Appreciate your helpful attitude towards others who are struggling with USCIS process.
    After the infopass for me and my wife, we had multiple soft/hard luds and status changed to case moved to local office.
    Received mail that we would be called for interview.
    Wish they get this fast when the dates are current.

    Hi apb..

    Good to see that there is some activity going on our cases..i got the response form USCIS saying that "the case is pending at the USCIS office" dose this means they transfered the case to local office? or still at NBC..dose your message says that the your case has been transfered to "local USCIS office" or just "USCIS office"?..

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  • apnair2002
    01-19 06:14 PM
    James Rogers was on the Bill O'Rielly show. They oppose HR 4437

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  • snathan
    09-24 01:18 PM
    THe reason USCIS is showing low numbers for the reason that , no one will then raise the question for recpature. Looking at the numbers they will say, O, the numbers are so low, whats the need for recapture and we will be left hanging cold and dry.

    This is a plot of a well planned strategy.

    So the question araise is why the dates are not moving or not current?

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  • meghanap2000
    10-20 12:32 PM
    Well..congratulations indeed. After you interview, did you do open a SR, take InfoPass or talk to IO on phone about your case status?
    We are still waiting here and wondering what can we do to nudge the process.

    This info is for the cases who had the interview local USCIS offices where they live.
    After interview ,pls take info pass for every 2 or 3 weeks and when you meet infopass officer, please fill up one yellow form (this form used to send any request to any other department who handled 485 cases.) to adjudicate your case.Make sure you give your i-485 copies and i-140 copies, You can write at least 5 or 6 sentences at the end of the yellow form to supervisor epalining when u r intervew is completed ,,u r PD is current etc etc.

    The way it works like this :
    The dept that takes care i-485 interviews is different from the dept infopass officers in local office.Even though they are in same office, the only way infopass officers can send request the 485 dept is using the yellow form..Pls request for it. Then most of the times info pass officer fils up the form and you will add any additional info at the end of the form. Then infopass officer will send the form to 485 dept supervisor.Supervisor will see the yellow form..if you are lucky he/she wil take action imediatly..otherwise go again after 2 weeks..Request the info pass officer twice or thrice..

    This helped me...


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    11-11 05:57 PM
    Bump ^^^^

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  • Dipika
    10-02 04:41 PM
    same here.. still waiting, Opened SR - Under Review and senator inquiry but same reply.


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  • wantgc23
    09-24 11:21 AM

    Thanks for the excellent analysis. One question, your analysis assumes category excess visas goto next category on a per country basis, is this correct ?

    Example, EB-1 china number goto EB-2 China ? I thought all EB-1 China numbers are added to the excess pool and then given to most retrogressed EB2 category ?

    Thanks for anyone who clarifies this.

    No matter how the data is sliced and diced, being EB3-I certainly means a wait time ... :)

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  • permfiling
    01-08 08:13 PM
    I had a pre-scheduled appointment to meet my congressman's rep in his office today. I mentioned to him the issues and gave him the letter. He said addressing the president won't be of much use as it these fixed need to be taken up by lawmakers in the house. He said due to election year nothing will happen until 2009 as it requires legislative fixes and he expressed about the omnibus bill getting declined !

    contributions : $500
    Member of North Cal


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  • ag11
    09-28 10:44 AM
    I received I485 approval mail on Sept 9th 2010, but have not received my cards yet. There was a soft LUD on Sept 17th. Anyone in this situation?

    What was the LUD you received on Sep 17th? I got the same msg on 09/09, but nothing after that. Is your online status changed to card production?

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  • acecupid
    08-11 06:31 PM
    Great analogy willwin, I agree with you completely! I hope people start being mature and quit their selfish motives.

    Please wait for few months; let me complete porting my PD to EB2. LOL ....

    If you don't realize, this is what is happening in the GC queue system and I will try to explain using an analogy.

    There are 3 queues to a single counter that issues work permit.

    First queue, for age group 20-30 (EB3) and slowest to get a work permit
    Second, age group 31-40 (EB2) faster than EB3
    Third, age group 41-50 (EB1), fast lane.

    Now, on Jan 1 2000, X who is 21 years old joins the EB3 queue. There are 10 people on EB2 queue on this day. EB3 queue is hardly moving and X remains in the queue for 10 solid years. He is now 31. It is 2010.

    The EB2 queue now has 100 people and our 100th person in the queue is SS and 35 years old.

    The system allows X to join EB2 as he has turned 31 and also allows him to join behind the 10th person who was there on the EB2 queue as on Jan 1 2000 (if he was still there or be the 1st guy in the queue if the 10th person has already left the EB2 queue) as that was how many people were in the EB2 queue when X came in to this system.

    Now SS cannot tolerate this for 2 reasons. One X came from EB3 (an inferior group per him) and next, X is 4 years younger and hence cannot get work permit ahead of him. He does not realize that he did not come in to the system when X came though he was senior and superior.

    The system does not see that way. X was in the system for 10 years and he should be given priority in the system valuing the 10 years wait - irrespective of the queue he is in.

    In other words, his queue might change but not his association with the system which is 10 years.

    Now there could be people who show bogus age certificate and change queues. They have to be punished but not the system.

    You don't set your house on fire just to kill few mosquitoes in there.

    If you still don't agree, SunnySurya, good luck with your law suit! After all every human being commit mistakes in their life and is your turn now.


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  • veeru123
    02-21 05:35 PM
    My H1-B was extended in October 2007 for three more years. My wife went to India and is going through this PIMS BS now. Chennai Consulte applied on Feb 6th. Some cases listed on this forum are scary as hell. Called the VFS office, all they say is they have not received the pp. After four days got the number for the consulate from VFS. Calling them daily. Same story, with each passing day, I could sense the increasing irritation in the voice of the consulate personnel to my questions. I wish I could talk to them in person and vent out my anger. This afternoon I called the DOS. The number is 202-663-1225 incase anyone needs it. I explained my case and asked her if they are missing any information. The reply: No your VISA looks fine. Then the robotic answer, PIMS verification is under process.

    I think VFS should specify it on their website and warn people about these delays. Warn people about the PIMS BS and suggest that they should not make any travel plans till they are sure this PIMS BS is resolved.

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  • johnamit
    06-25 08:17 AM
    My attorney told me to use control number on your latest stamped visa, in my case it is 14 digit number

    Which one to use?

    This is the number in red on your visa stamp in ur passport. Mine is 8-digits long. Even if ur visa stamp has expired you've to provide that number.
    Hope this helps!


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  • crazyghoda
    09-23 04:31 PM
    A basic question - Are the months that the numbers are slotted into for the Priority Dates? or are they the recept date or something else....?

    If PD, then how come there are numbers for 2008 and 2009? The PD has never been current since July 2007....

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  • sri1309
    08-23 07:24 AM

    I am not sure what others are doing, but as somebody said a flower campaign to the guys who support us may go against us, but I think that shoudl be sent to those who dont support.
    I have written twice in the last week and today I am sending cards with a letter.

    One simple way of sending very short messages is "I am EB3-India and due to to non-availablility of visas, I am going back to INdia". And tell your qualifications. This is the same story even with PhD holders in US whose job desc doesnt qulaify for EB2 or EB1. No offense any others, as I know many others got experience while some got education.

    This is in fact true with 5 of my friends who left in 2007 just before that visa bulletin. They had good offers and they did not want to wait for the US GC.

    Just send the loud message" UNLESS YOU DO SOMETHING, WE ARE GOING BACK.". Send the message in different ways.
    And ofcors good to meet personally.



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  • Macaca
    07-18 09:03 PM
    can some of you guys pm me Lou Dobbs-related issues? i'm trying to make a blog entirely focus on Lou Dobbs lies. thanks.
    Can we all take a month from his list of trancscripts and read through his transcripts and see which one has the H1B mistatement. I think he said this sometime in 2005 or 2006 we only need 24 participants.

    It is very important that we have all Lou Dobbs resources handy in one thread. I blog his LIES and need this info very quickly before the blog closes. Please contribute to this effort. Thanks!

    Please note that we need to collect facts (with URL) rather then IV member opinions!

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  • northstar1
    07-15 02:55 PM

    If you haven't already pls take a moment to digg the Washington Post coverage of yesterday's rally:


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  • wellwishergc
    07-10 10:29 AM
    If revenue from increased fee structure starting July 31 is the reason for making visas unavilable in July, I have a strong feeling that the visas may become current for all categories in the Aug Bulletin.

    This is not a NEWS or RUMOR making rounds anywhere. This is a mere speculation on my part. Let's hope for the best but DO NOT get your hopes unrealistically high.


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  • Green.Tech
    09-21 10:55 AM
    I used the format below:

    Dear Officer,

    My case has been pending since September 2007. Below are the steps I have taken till now in order to get a decision on my case:


    Thanks buddy.

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  • seahawks
    04-26 11:44 PM
    I agree totally, this is a catch 22 situation for employment based immigration and agree that this will only divide more of us who are in different situations and are all waiting in line. I am not on L1 but to have introduce a bill that is protective in nature will only hurt immigration even more in the long run. Some of us may think this will eliminate lot more people from the line so that we who are working as permanent employees can get our green cards faster. Consulting companies are not just small companies, KPMG, Microsoft, Delliote, Oracle all of they offer some form of consulting to their clients. How will this law be implemented, what will happen to us who plan to change jobs after getting green cards and plan to consult if these companies don't exist. Every time a bill gets introduced, there is an intent but there is also the question of how it gets applied.

    I think this will only hurt us as written from reading everything, this has all the language on discrimination against otherwise eligible workers, remember someday all of us who are permanent employees may be working as consultants, if you think today this is applied only to H1/L1, what will stop them from applying against EAD holders too? After all how many of us are on EAD, 300K? do you think that is a big enough group.

    Stay together, stand together and read between the lines. Always fight for open legal immigration for employment, if you feel somebody is not qualified, so be it, its for the employer to make that call if he or she is qualified or not. If the client or the employer does not feel they are getting their money;s worth, that is a business decision for them to make, how do we who are standing in line for our green cards make a call on who is or not qualified?

    09-09 09:04 AM
    I wanted to put down the various steps I undertook or have happened since my PD got current in hopes that it might help anybody...

    PD: Nov 2005 EB2 @ NSC got current in August.

    We were in India when my wife got a FP notice in July. Missed it completely but was lucky that the lawyer realized we were on vacation and requested a postponement of FP appointment.

    The original FP appointment notice was for July 7th and we never received a second appointment notice until Aug 20th.

    In the meanwhileI travelled back to USA and opened SRs, Infopass and sent emails to NSC, Opended an Ombudsman inquiry, contacted senators separately for myself and for my wife. I got GC approval on August 10th.

    My wife had her FP taken on Sept 3rd and today we received CPO email for her too. Good luck to all who are waiting and I suggest do everything you can like SRs, emails, contacting senators, ombudsman inquiry, infopass appts. Not sure what worked.

    My Main conern was that my AOS (principal applicant) would be stalled because my spouse (dependent) had expired FPs and we missed an appointment. Apparently this turned out not to be the case.

    Thanks IV for a lot of useful information. All the best to everybody.

    11-25 04:51 PM
    Btw, who told you that guys like punjabi and others overbid or bought a house that they cannot afford? They could and still can afford these houses i.e. the monthly mortgage payments; the only thing they cannot do in the current market is to sell it (even at the price at which they bough i.e. break even) and that is why they are stuck with it if/when they decide to move to another city/job - so no point blaming these guys. If you want to blame somebody, blame the banks who appraised the same house at 500k 2 years back which they are appraising at 400k today, there in lies the problem.

    Let me try to understand your logic. You don't have money and went to bank and requested that they help you out with a loan. They give you loan based on what you bid your house and it is all their fault. If only banks had refused the loan, you wouldn't have bought the house. Is this your logic? Do you ever think for yourself?:confused: I am not going to say that banks were not at fault. But to act like nothing is punjabi's fault is ridiculous.
    BTW if you think he can afford it now wait for another year. The full impact of these mistakes will be known by then. We will be deep into a depression. We will have on top of it ALT-A resets and his house will lose more than 20K for sure. My opinion would be to sell it now and take the hit or wait and lose more. The housing will not rebound to the 2007 peek for a decade.

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