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  • newbee7
    07-09 07:19 PM
    USCIS has decided that the flowers sent by skilled, legal immigrants to director Dr. Emilio Gonzalez will be forwarded to injured service members recuperating at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and at Bethesda Naval Hospital.

    We welcome the fact that Dr. Gonzalez acknowledged the symbolic gesture of our protest. We are even more happy that these flowers will brighten the day of our injured service brethren. It is their contribution to the American freedom that has made this country such a desirable destination for highly skilled professionals from all over the world.

    We also want to convey to the service personnel receiving those flowers that our message accompanying those flowers is, "Thank You and God Bless You".


    Very well said..English_August!

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  • aquarianf
    06-18 12:10 PM
    A lot of lawyers try to preempt a possible RFE by including "AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE" documentation. 3 years of tax returns prove nothing more than what 1 year of tax return would prove.

    Also, having a tax return of 2004 doesnt prove that you were in status at all times during 2004. Tax return shows total income that includes salary, bonus, deductions etc, and even Einstein cant figure out the immigration status in 2004 and whether the candidate was in good status at all times just by looking at the tax return.

    Some lawyers send many years' tax returns, thinking that it might pre-empt the RFEs. Some lawyers send only whats neccesary. I've heard that one of the lawyers in New York doesnt even send employer's letter. That means, basically nothing from the employer. And he too gets cases approved.

    Overloading the USCIS with a heavy file, sending a ton of things in addition to what they expect, may be a good strategy if you believe that it might thwart a RFE (and the delay caused by RFE). However, sending too thick a bunch, would also make your case look like a "difficult" case. (my belief, I dont know but just common sense would indicate that thicker bigger files are complicated cases if you give it a first look). And what that means is that it will get delayed because the CIS ombudsman report has documented that officers tend to work easy cases first (get the low hanging fruit first) and beef up their performance statistics by doing more cases in less time. Therefore, the complicated bigger cases that should be work on first, instead get worked on last.

    So think a little before sending USCIS 20 pounds of paperwork. More paperwork and overwhelming USCIS with documentation may not mean faster RFE-free processing. (Again, my belief - something to ponder about. But do what you think is right and what your lawyer tells you. I am not a lawyer).


    Seems what you are talking makes some sense. i didn't think that way. I would just follow my attorney's recommendations to send only what is required.

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  • dealsnet
    10-09 04:45 PM
    Your router may have the problem.
    You need to buy a good router. Your phone is good with long range.

    WiFi is 2.4 GHZ.

    5.8 GHZ phone will have many disadvantages.

    The BEST choice for cordless phone for range, and lack of interfearance is a DECT phone.. the 1.9Ghz range is a licenced radio frequency for the exclusive use of cordless phones, unlike any other cordless phone frequency (900Mhz, 2.4Ghz, 5.8Ghz.) and as it is lower in frequency (aside from 900 Mhz) it operates with the furthest distance than any cordless phone.

    If you are using a cordless phone - use 5.8 GHz. The lower frequencies interfare with other wireless devices.

    TryThis deal starting from Oct 11th (, or maybe this one if you are lucky (

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  • SunnySurya
    08-07 10:04 AM
    Good question:
    The idea here is to prevent people in EB3 line to come in EB2 line. If you are already in EB2 line your are not affected. If you have masters you should be able to port.
    I have a small doubt here. I'm still trying to understand this porting business. Why is that those who have already applied in EB2/Masters will not be affected?

    If people with earlier PD port to EB2, it will make my processing longer, no? (IFF my PD is later than theirs')

    I'm not for or against this action of yours, but just curious about your assertion. Please let me know.


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  • McLuvin
    04-24 03:40 PM
    So Guys...

    This is something really cheap of you people to think.....

    I read a lot of posts where they mentioned that chuck should proceed with the bill.... so that small desi companies dont perish and that will stop abusing the H1B program...

    I really dont understand that no one condemed that remark.. Guys who work in big companies are safe by this rule... So what happens to the one sustaining the so called abuses and remaining intact to get their GC's

    No wonder we are not able to make progress as much as those illegal immi's do...

    Way to go guys... This kind of spirit will take us to great highs


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  • jungalee43
    11-14 11:55 AM
    I received standard reply from TSC yesterday. "In absence of A# or SRC number we are unable to locate your file. If you would like to re-submit please quote these numbers......."
    Of course I received my envelope also.


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  • thescadaman
    08-27 10:35 PM
    Initially I ignored this thread as some advertisement. Then I noticed that this thread was staying visible for several days. I got curious and started reading it and following the posts - Got convinced - Purchased the plan 2 days ago and I got my Vonage adapter today. I can now make long distance calls and calls to India all inclusive the 25 plus taxes.

    This is super cool!

    I called customer support and asked then to show me exactly where it says ALL India calls including cellphones are inclusive in free minutes. The support was nice and showed me this link

    Vonage - Frequently Asked Questions (

    Are calls to mobile numbers free with Vonage World?
    Vonage World includes free unlimited calling to cell phones in the Bahamas, Brunei, Canada, China, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Macau, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Saipan, San Marino, Singapore, Thailand, the United States and the US Virgin Islands. See included country list

    Thanks everyone for sharing this good offer for real.

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  • gcForV
    07-11 02:09 PM
    What I think is
    (1) Employee is covered.
    (2) Family may not be covered
    (3) Medical Exams, preparing supporting document(Birth certificate,shipping) charges not covered


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  • Roger Binny
    04-25 04:51 PM
    Why do I get this feeling that you are an anti-immigrant on this website?

    Come clean please.

    I agree, hey TNMan, come clean.

    Where all these guys gone when Tech sector is doing real big and this side of the planet is reaping billions of dollars in profit.

    Gotcha...ok guys good job we don't care your lives go away huh ?

    Clinton is smart he brought people over here and let them pay taxes and boost atleast local economies, corporates are much smarter than these schemes they will boost or find another way to outsource.

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  • gc_on_demand
    09-16 10:09 AM
    Called most of the people in the list.

    Most of the time it was voice mail.

    Person from Brad Sherman office mentioned that congressman was supporting the bill.

    Person from Robert C. Scott office mentioned that she did know the position but the congressman has supported these kinds of bills in the past.

    Thanks aadimanav. Other please call.


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  • kicca
    01-08 06:54 PM
    Send Those Letters! Help Yourselves!

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  • indianabacklog
    06-27 04:12 PM
    Can somebody answer this....
    I was defintively told to leave the SSN box empty. An ITIN is not like SSN and is only issued to the individual can be put on a tax return, NO other purpose.


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  • gc28262
    10-05 02:00 PM
    When I call through vonage phone, the wireless internet connection to other computers is getting lost. Is this the problem others have too?

    Is it having another router in between your vonage phone and cable /DSL connection solve the problem?

    Any thoughts? Has anyone inquired this with vonage folks?

    Vonage won't affect any wireless connections.
    Do you use a cordless phone ?
    The wireless transmission from your cordless phone maybe affecting the transmissions from your wireless router.

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  • neelu
    10-12 12:07 AM
    Thank you, Kewlchap.

    @ Neelu:

    a. Contact your senator and your congressman/woman. I contacted both. Senator's office had a very nice system of faxing in your request, just for USCIS issues, so I did that, and got a letter in three days stating that Senator has contacted USCIS for me. Later, I got another letter which included USCIS response. If there is a number for your Senator's office, I suggest pick up the phone and get talking to them.

    b. I will get started immediately instead of waiting. You do not know if your IO is working on other EB-2 India applications. He could be working on a chunk of EB-4 applications and not even picking up your application from the holding area, where it can lie for many days.

    c. I feel that you should submit 7001 unless you believe you know where your application is. Meaning, if multiple IOs / infopass tell you the same info, then it is probably true and you can wait. If you get nebulous answers like "wait 60 days", then submit 7001. I dont think there is any reason / advantage of an attorney submitting it. I filled it out and FedEx'ed it overnight to Washington DC.

    Someone else asked me for the POJ method for TSC. I just followed the POJ instructions listed on this forum.

    Hope this helps, and good luck!


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  • dingudi
    01-31 10:20 AM
    How do you know that experience in Canada or Mexico will be any different from experience in India? It can be only better at a consulate that hasn't yet implemented PIMS, which I don't think there are any at this point. At least you are at home with family. I think the worst is to be stuck in Canada or Mexico for a month. I think the moral of the story is to use AP whenever possible.

    I personally know at least couple of friends who went to canada in the hopes that they will get the stamp earlier. But both of them were stuck because of PIMS for weeks. One was stuck for 6 weeks and other 5 weeks.

    So I do not think revalidation in India or canada or mexico really matters.

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  • MeraNaamJoker
    08-13 03:23 PM
    Congrats to all those got approvals.

    Thanks to all who congratulated me.

    Above all, THANK GOD


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  • vdlrao
    01-05 12:21 AM
    This is TRUE and a Very Valid One. And this the time for such a bill.

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  • sanju
    08-07 09:23 AM
    There is another thread on the issue and some of us think that we do have a case. Initial response from a certain lawyer has been positive.
    The affected parties (i.e. us) need to show damage in certain way and I do have some points that can be used.

    Any lawyer will tell you that you have a case because he wants to make more money. Its like going to Walmart and Walmart telling you that the product does provide value for your family. You take any case to any lawyer, 99.9% lawyers will tell you that you have a case. You go with an idea that you should be the President of the country, they will tell you "Ya I can clearly see why you feel like that and I totally agree, so you may have a case there". My suggestion is, please do not waste your money if some lawyer is saying you that "you have a case". They know that is what you - the potential client, wants to hear.

    Our primary point is that the spirit of law has not been upheld.

    I bet this is what your lawyer told you. Do you realize how vague this term "spirit of the law" is. But, as long as you are ok to put you money in fire, who cares. Go right ahead, knock yourself, I am right behind you and best of luck, you sure need a lot of it. :p

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  • Das73
    05-10 01:13 PM
    It's always a good practice to take a receipt notice of any action done by your lawyer & keep that for your records.

    When you apply for EAD, soon USCIS will ask you to do fingerprints(BIO-2). I think you missed that part and it might be denied or void as it was left for so long!

    You can file for new EAD online at rms&timestamp=1127234762990

    Create your account & you can file your self with out lawyer's assistance. It's always suggested to file EAD(I-765) & AP(I-131) jointly. You can pay by credit card.
    (1) After applying online, you will receive 'Receipt notices' of EAD & AP.
    (2) Now a days USCIS will set up an apointment for BIO-2 of EAD.
    (3) You have to send supportive documents for Advance Parole, like photos,brief explanation of qualifying for AP...I can give you those sample formats !

    Coming to I-485 BIOMETRICS, call USCIS & ask them about BIO. Go to this website & register You must add I-485,EAD,AP & I-140 receipt numbers like LINXXXX and you will get emails when they get approved. You can also see the changes on 'LAST UPDATED' column, which means your case is touched by an officer. But it's not the confirmation of approval until status message has changed or you got an email.

    Go thru these 2 links & familiarize well. Hope your I-140 has approved. Finally these are suggestions only & I am not a lawyer. Consult an immigration lawyer if you have uncanny issues.
    Goo Luck.

    My lawyer filed for my EAD in April 2005. I have been working on H1 all the time and i was not aware that he filed for my EAD.
    HE filed for my AP at the same time and i got it. When i asked him about EAD , he said its not required and that he did not file it.

    Yesterday he mailed me a set of copies in which i found receipt notice for EAD.I checked the status and it says that my case is pending since April 2005.
    There was no request for any proof or anything. It just says we mailed you notice of action and the case is pending.

    I need EAD now. What should i do?

    I called the USCIS and they said that it is out of processing time and filed a service request.

    All my friends who filed their I-485 recently got their Biometrics notice and i didn't get any. Whats wrong with my case?

    I am confused , what am i supposed to do?
    Appreciate your suggestion

    06-16 11:42 PM
    No I don't. You basically don't want to keep the door open wide. Once you are IN you want the door to be closed. You don't worry about loosing US jobs to India/China, but you don't want Indians/Chinese to enter USA and enjoy the "quality of life" you enjoy here.

    Nobody enters USA to live a "low profile" life.

    You are getting dangerously accustomed to the "taking things for granted" style. You are loosing your competitive skills.

    I personally know that more energetic people coming in is kind of dangerous even for my job safety-net (basically I cannot take things for granted). But I still have not learned to think beyond humanity, and I believe sharing is good. The new guys also deserve the chance for American dream.

    And I don't forget that I was also once in H1B, and came with a lot of dreams and skills.

    However, my point is, if you want to outsource take the job to the low wage country. Do not bring low wages here. I am ok if outsourcing would increase because of the Grassley bill. I am not ok if the low wages are dumped in here. I hope you people see the difference.

    06-24 06:08 PM
    My wife and I are planning to apply as dependents for each other.
    My company is doing so-so.
    On the other hand if and when we have kids, she would like to stay at home if possible.

    The only thing that is not clear is we probably should file only 1 EAD/AP.
    For now, we are thinking we will apply for EAD/AP through her I140.

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