Thoughts on Election

    -I love Reese Witherspoon in this (which I'll never say again). Her tight, penguin-like walk, unglamorous clothes and hair (which is something you've got to take into account these days), perky, clipped Midwestern accent, underlying scheming, it's all so wildly appropriate for what could've been a caricature (or just created one) of an overachieving high school student. She is one of two candidates I'd predict go on to grow up to be Nicole Kidman's Suzanne (Susanne? Susane?) of To Die For (the other, and closer, being Evan Rachel Wood in Pretty Persuasion, who has the same general ambition of media fame and is entirely more nefarious and manipulative than Tracy Flick).

    -Otherwise, Jessica Campbell is pretty good as rebellious third party class president candidate Tammy. Matthew Broderick is both sympathetic and unlikeable as main protaganist (one of three or four main narrators) Jim McAllister, favorite teacher at the Omaha, Nebraska high school, undone by his hatred for Tracy Flick (who slept with his best friend, also a teacher, and getting him fired, though she suffered no consequences).

    -The only person in this entire movie with no ulterior motives in Chris Klein's Paul Metzler (brother of Tammy, boyfriend of Tammy's former lover Lisa (Frankie Ingrassia).

    -I wish I could say more, but I have nothing left. It was darkly amusing, but I have no real thoughts on it as a whole.


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Thoughts on Election

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