Thoughts on Pi

    -Aronofsky's first film, before his quality as a director became so controversial.

    -Or, as very controversial.

    -There is something very German Expressionist here. The symbolism, the big picture, the vaguely pussy main character (neurotic, possibly schizophrenic math genius Max Cohen). Just strikes me a such. I mean, definable shapes even litter the background as mathematical equations and results.

    -I noticed that, as the movie went on, and Max became more and more paranoid (for good reason, he had at least three different nefarious organizations tailing him at some point), the black-and-white image got fuzzier and fuzzier, until everyone became a silhouette.

    -I learned a lot about math today. Good for me.

    -Next year, I'm totally convincing my mat hteacher to let us watch this.

    -In other, non-awesome-movie related news, I have finally joined the ranks of the Netflix army. I'll be contributing to the official downfall of Blockbuster, thank you very much. Do I feel bad? Yes. You know why? Half the movies made count on DVD revenues to recoup their budgets. So if everyone watches the movies online, the studios will cut more and more movies that are considered risky, only release ones guarenteed to recoup in box office alone, and boom, the end of intelligent society as we know it. Think about that shit, ya'll.

    -I will get back to my motherfucking book now.

    EDIT: A hearty thank you to Castor at Anomalous Material for the giftcard that enabled me to buy this lovely film.

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Thoughts on Pi

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